Bow-Tie takes its inspiration from the British noble style of the 19th century, era in which Slippers were born, commissioned by Prince Albert to accompany the Dinner Jacket.

In the early years, the brand encourages the creation of a collection in which Slippers take the leading role, developing a “Stay-at-Home” collection, respecting its original use, as well as customized and exclusive lines widely used for parties and with the contemporary Smoking.

BOW-TIE grew rapidly and managed to sell more than 10,000 pairs of Slippers in just one year, selling its products at exclusive boutiques all around the world, becoming an international benchmark.

The brand created two categories of footware: Casual and Classic. The more Casual collection includes slippers and informal shoes that always accompany the trend. The Classic collection has a hand-made manufacturing that uses techniques such as Original Goodyear Welted construction, typical of the British tradition.

All Bow-Tie’s collections are made with materials that are meticulously selected, adapting classic designs and patterns to the needs of today´s cosmopolitan man.

After a short period of time, we opened our first store, with an English style decoration mixing contemporary and antique pieces, where small details make the difference, offering personalized and traditional customer service.

Later on, the product range was extended with the development of textile and accessories lines, making Bow-tie a global brand that offers its customers a complete look. Bow-Tie’s look is defined by a combination of pieces in different style, mixing trends, materials and colours, creating an aesthetics harmony that enhances the style of the contemporary man.

Bow-Tie’s man is faithful to the global trends without giving up its own style; in this way creating timeless designs that form part of our identity and stay relevant throughout the passage of time.

The Casual category is the most sporty of the brand, featuring espadrilles, loafers, deck shoes and shoes made with a lighter construction. Materials such as pony, suede, handmade braids and fabrics give rise to the collection that follows international fashion trends closely.

Depending on the season, this line offers products with esparto grass soles and raffia fabrics for the summer, or mountain track soles for boots and shoes in winter.

Our Classic category consists of a wide variety of lace-up shoes, monk strap shoes, loafers and boots.

For their production we use materials such as French Box-Calf, Country-Calf and English suede, which are often combined with Holland & Sherry wool.

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